Dutch boat Registration EU Light

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  • Valid in all EU countries
  • Mandatory in many countries
  • Also valid in many countries outside of the EU

Dutch Boat Registration EU Light means that your boat will be registered with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, but will not be registered in the land register.

How Holland Boat Registration Services relieves you

No matter what type of boat you have, Dutch Boat Registration Services will register your boat professionally, fast and with the highest possible level of service. We will take care of the entire registration process. We do this with our regular partners. This is how we can assure reliable and efficient handling.

For boat owners in and out of the EU

You do not have an EU passport? No problem! We carry out an EU Light Registration by creating an English Limited for you. On paper this Limited will be the owner of your boat, while you are the shareholder and director of this Limited. The first year this Limited will cost you € 350. After that it will cost you €250 per year.


Domicile means that a Dutch address will be used for the registration of your boat. In this case we will use the address from Dutch Boat Services. Domicile is a solution for boat owners who don’t have a Dutch nationality and a Dutch address. Without a Dutch address it is impossible to legally register your boat under the Dutch flag. This is why domicile is included in the price.

Apply for Dutch Boat Registration EU Light

The big advantage of our EU Light Boat Registration is that the registration procedure is usually very fast. The registration of your yacht can be taken care of within just three to five working days if we have received all the necessary documents within time.
Step 1:
You sign the Authorization Agreement and the Registration Agreement.
Step 2:
We hand this in to the Ministry.
Step 3:
After we receive your registration document for your sailing or motor yacht from the Ministry, we will check if all the details are correct.
Step 4:
We will send the document to you by TNT courier.
Step 5:
This document must be renewed every two years, since this is required by law. The renewal costs are €175 for the following two years. We will be happy to take care of this for you. We will send you the renewal form on time.

Costs Dutch Boat Registration EU Light

The costs of registering your ship with Dutch Boat Registration Services are the lowest in the European market. Our Light Registration costs just €350. This includes the registration document, processing, administration, domicile, taxes, fees and courier costs.
We’ll be happy to offer you a clear, no-obligation quote. Simply fill in the application form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Holland Boat Registration Services
6 August 2019