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Register your boat, jet ski, canoe or water scooter under the best San Marino Flag

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  1. Registration costs: only €525

    We are transparent about the costs of your boat registration. You can register your boat at the San Marino Boat Registration Services for only € 525. The price is based on the length of the boat.

  2. Also without a Eurpean nationality

    The San Marino yacht registry is a yacht registry available for all nationalities. In addition, you can register your yacht privately or commercially to the very popular San Marino flag.

  3. Superfast procedure

    The advantage of the San Marino Boat Registration is that you will receive the registration within two working days. This means u can use the San Marino Yacht Registration instantly and makes it the fastest procedure in the world!

  4. No inspection

    With our San Marino Boat Registration is no inspection needed of your boat or yacht till 24 meters. We can immediately start the registration of your boat.

  5. No hassle with papers

    Applying for a San Marino yacht registration is easy and completely online. This means you do not have to wait for the registration to be sent.

  6. Recognized in all countries of the EU

    You don’t want to get in trouble when you visit any harbor in the European Union? Register your boat with the San Marino Boat Registration and you can be assured to enter without any problems. The ‘San Marino Boat Registration’ of your boat is usually also valid outside of the EU.

  7. San Marino Yacht Registration - Register Your Yacht Online

    The San Marino yacht registration is an extremely popular yacht registration due to its fast registration process and low cost. This coupled with a prestigious flag such as that of San Marino, is sure to be a popular possibility for boat owners around the world.

    As it is highly respected it will save you a lot of bureaucracy and red tape when entering a new marina / country.

  8. Register A Boat Online - How to Register Your Boat Online

    You can register your yacht online in just few clicks. Select the type- registration and fill the form with the relevant details. Just make sure that you will carry your required boat documents while filling the form. Basically, it is a sort of permit to sail in your country and overseas without any specific nation boundary. So, simply, register a boat online and safeguard your boat from violating the laws of Holland. Registration will make your excursion enjoyable and within the law constraints.

  9. No Hassle Online Ship Registration (Sailboat Registration)

    Online ship registration arrives with advantages galore. Foremostly, it will increase the value of your vessel and designate the owner with a “good title”. We will proffer you with a convenience to fill the registration form in your own comfort zone. It is sailboat registration online. No rush! No long waiting in endless queues! We will provide you a straightforward process and your boat will be registered under the law.

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22 June 2022