Frequently asked questions

I am NOT an EU citizen. Can I register my yacht under the Dutch flag?

Yes. We then create an English limited company (Ltd.), which becomes the owner of your yacht on paper. This means you don’t need an EU co-owner to whom you must assign 50% of the ownership of your yacht in order to register it in the Netherlands.

Is the English Limited Company 100% my property?

Yes. You have 100% of the shares in the company and you will also the sole director.

Does this Ltd. company need an administrative office for tax purposes?

No. It is a ‘dormant’ Ltd. and requires no bank account or tax number.

Can a yacht be given a Dutch registration, even if the manufacturing process is not yet complete?

Yes, as long as the engine/motor has been installed and/or the hull has an HIN code or manufacturing number then a yacht can be registered in the Netherlands. The motor may also be an electric motor.

Can a self-built vessel sail under the Dutch flag?

Yes. Forward us the insurance policy and proof of payment of your insurance together with a copy of your passport or ID and we will take care of this for you.

Why is it important to have a Dutch flag on my ship?

Registration under the Dutch flag is the most respected and most well-known registration throughout the world, it is also the best EU registration. By flying the Dutch flag you will avoid problems and delays in international harbours and with authorities across the globe. Yacht Registration Holland’s registration fees are a lot lower than the registration fees in most other countries, which also tend to have much less respected flags.

Can the registration documents help in the return of my yacht in the event that it gets stolen?

Yes. Because your yacht is officially registered with the Dutch Ministry of Transport – and the Dutch Land Registry if you have opted for the extensive Worldwide Registration – the chance your yacht will be identified by the police is a lot greater. With the Worldwide Registration package you also benefit from the application of microdots on your yacht.

What are microdots?

Microdots are a unique way of identifying your yacht no matter where in the world it may end up in the event that it is stolen. They are invisible to criminals but can be detected by authorities. You can request a discount on your premium from your insurance company if you are making use of microdots.

Can Dutch registration help me keep my yacht out of sight of certain authorities or organisations?

Yes. The ownership of the yacht can be transferred to another person or company – sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently. We register the yacht in the name of the new owner. Even if you register the yacht in your own name, local authorities will not be able to find your yacht in their local databases.

How can Yacht Registration Holland offer rates so much lower than other yacht registration services?

We make so many registrations each year that we can keep our costs low and our efficiency high.

Does the Light EU Registration also include registration in the Dutch Land Registry?

No. The Light EU Registration doesn’t require registration in the Dutch Land Registry. In this case we only register the yacht with the Dutch Ministry of Transport. With our extensive World Wide Registration, your yacht will also be registered in the Dutch Land Registry.

Can the Worldwide Registration be used across the globe?

Yes. Our Worldwide Registration package is effectively your yacht’s passport and is recognised by all countries in the world. It also contains an international tonnage certificate.

If I sign up for a Dutch yacht registration, does the certificate then state a Dutch harbour as my home port?

Yes. Your home port is Amsterdam.

Does my yacht need to be registered in order to be insured?

Yes, most European insurers demand your yacht be registered.

Is the Netherlands plagued by bureaucracy?

No, the Netherlands is Europe’s most bureaucracy-free country. This ensures that the process of registration proceeds quickly and efficiently. There are also few rules for sail boats and motor yachts sailing under the Dutch flag.

Is it mandatory to be domiciled in the Netherlands?

Yes, your yacht must have an official Dutch address. Domicile is included as standard in our package at no extra cost. Please note! Many other registration companies may offer you Dutch registration but do NOT offer you the mandatory Dutch domicile. A registration without domicile is illegal and thus invalid. You may therefore run into problems with harbour authorities and your insurer. ALWAYS check that your domicile is set down in writing in the agreement and that the agreement is signed by the party offering you domicile!

Does the Light Registration package have more limitations with respect to sailing at sea?

No, there are no seafaring limitations for yachts with the Light Registration. Nor are there any limitations with respect to the number of miles you are allowed to travel beyond the coast.

Which documents do I need in order to be able to register my yacht in the Netherlands?

In order to be able to register your yacht in the Netherlands you only need to provide your proof of identification and ownership. A bill of sale/purchase agreement and/or an insurance policy with proof of payment for the insurance will suffice as a proof of ownership. It is recommended that these documents are stamped.

Which type of vessels can be registered under the Light Registration option?

All vessels, including but not limited to, motor and sail boat, jetskis, rowing boats and canoes.

Why do I need to sign an authorisation?

We have to be authorised in order to register your yacht in your name. For yacht owners who are not Dutch nationals, the signing of the authorisation is even mandatory.

Can you also register yachts that are owned by a company?

Yes, certainly, as long as it is an EU company.

Can the Light Registration be used for commercial vessels too?

No, this is impossible! The Light Registration option is only for pleasure boats. For Bareboat Charter vessels, you must opt for the Worldwide Registration option. We do not register manned commercial vessels.

Do I need to mark my ship with the registration number?

No, it is not required for Dutch-registered ships to be marked with their registration numbers.

Do I need to mark my ship with the name of the home port?

This is not mandatory, but it is considered desirable.

After you have registered my ship, can I still make changes to the registration at a later date?

Yes, this is possible. We charge €150 excl. VAT for the service of updating an existing registration.

Can I prematurely terminate my yacht’s registration?

Yes, this is possible. We charge €150 for the premature termination of your yacht’s registration.

Is there a maximum length of ships to be registered with the Light Registration option?

No, there is no maximum yacht length.

What are the minimal equipment requirements for my yacht to sail under the Dutch flag?

You will find the minimal equipment requirements for your yacht to sail under the Dutch flag below:
quipment required for Dutch registration:

  • A life jacket for each person on board
  • Lifebuoy with light
  • Distress signals including flares

Nautical instruments: Magnetic compass

  • Navigation lights
  • Boat horn and manual depth gauge

Other equipment:

  • Anchor
  • Hammer
  • Boat hook
  • Bilge pump or bailer
  • Sufficient number of oars
  • At least 20 m of rope
  • Waterproof, battery-powered torch
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Complete sail kit (for sail boats)
  • First-aid kit
Holland Boat Registration Services
3 April 2017