Irish Limited Company

Now that the United Kingdom is leaving the EU people are wondering what is the best and most secure option for accquiring EU jurisdiction. What are the easy options for setting up an asset holding? The answer is Ireland. We can set up an Irish Limited company for you within a matter of days.

This is the most easy and affordable way for EU an NON EU boat owners to get a registration for their vessel in the EU.

We will create an Irish Limited company purely for regsistering your yacht.

This company will have no economical activity. This way your administrative obligations will be minimal.

An anual tax report is manditory, but our partner company in Ireland can take care of this for you, so you won’t have to worry about this at all.

To set up a limited company in Ireland, one of the directors or a director need to have to a valid EU/EEA passport. Depending on the circumstances, you could act as a director yourself or you can designate an EU citizen to act as a director for you. You may also use the EU nominee director service offered by our Irish partner company to act as a director.

The options and prices for creating a private Irish Company are listed below.

Option 1

The yacht owner is EU resident and has a valid EU/EEA passport and will act as the shareholder and director himself or he will provide an EU/EEA resident director

Initial costs: €750
Annual costs: €850

Option 2

The yacht owner will be the shareholder himself but will appoint an EU resident nominee director provided by our Irish partner company

Initial costs: €1350
Annual costs: €1450

Holland Boat Registration Services
20 June 2022