About us

Dutch Boat Registration Services is a market leader for boat registrations under the Dutch flag. In recent years we have helped thousands of boat owners successfully register their boats under the Dutch flag.

Dutch boat registration

Why would you register your boat in the Netherlands?

  • Low rates: boat registration is cheap in the Netherlands
  • Little hassle with papers: yacht registration is easy and cheap in the Netherlands
  • Little bureaucracy: this means that we can handle your request very fast
  • Flexible legislation: much less strict than in most other countries
  • Unlimited access to European sailing areas: also at sea

Benefits of Dutch Boat Registration Services

  • Our rates are low. You are assured to competitively low rates for your boat registration
  • It is no problem if you don’t have a European passport
  • Excellent service: we are always available!
  • Registration for your boat will only take a few days
Holland Boat Registration Services
3 July 2018