Dutch Worldwide Boat Registration

An all-in worldwide registration under the Dutch flag!

  • International registration of your yacht and registration in the Dutch land registry.
  • You will receive an international call sign, AIS number and a MMSI number.
  • You will receive a Dutch Certificate of Registry
  • You will receive a Dutch tonnage certificate if your ship is no longer than 24 meters. If your ship is longer than 24 meters you must provide your own tonnage certificate.
  • An extra useful part of Worldwide Registration is the application of Microdots on your yacht; this can be used to identify your yacht anywhere in the world in the event of theft of your yacht.

How Holland Boat Registration Services relieves you

No matter what type of boat you have, Dutch Boat Registration Services will register your boat professionally, fast and with the highest possible level of service. We will take care of the entire registration process. We do this with our regular partners. This is how we can assure reliable and efficient handling.

For boat owners in and out of the EU

You do not have an EU passport? No problem! We carry out an EU Light Registration by creating an English Limited for you. On paper this Limited will be the owner of your boat, while you are the shareholder and director of this Limited. The first year this Limited will cost you € 350. After that it will cost you €250 per year.


Microdots are tiny synthetic discs that carry your boats’ identification number. Thousands of these discs are fixed to your boat for safety measures. This happens on various immovable or more theft-susceptible parts of your vessel. The glue that is being used is transparent and resistant against heat and water. The water police can read the code in the microdots to identify the owner of the vessel. It is impossible to remove all the applied microdots and they are guaranteed to work for at least 20 years after being applied. An additional bonus is that most insurers offer a discount on your insurance rates if you use microdots.
Microdots are included in the price for Worldwide Registration.

Costs Worldwide Yacht Registration

Worldwide Registration is the most extensive package of the Dutch Boat Registration Services. Contracts, notary, land registry, Ministry, tonnage certificate, International Certificate of Registry, domicile and MMSI Radio License are included in the price. Dutch Boat Registration offers this packet for an excellent price of €1450. Similar registrations in other countries often cost thousands of euros more.
We’ll be happy to offer you a clear, no-obligation quote. Simply fill in the application form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Holland Boat Registration Services
28 June 2018